Panepinto Pig 7 months old – 14 kg.

Panepinto Pig Consultants

Your Source For The Original Panepinto Sling®



We pPanepinto Pig in enriched environmentioneered user-friendly, gentle handling methods & environmental enrichment for swine and other livestock long before they were popular. Our invention, The Panepinto Sling® is now used worldwide for the humane restraint of not only swine but many other animals as well. Our group is widely recognized as The World Authority on Miniature Swine, their care, minimum-stress handling and enrichment.

Call on us for your training and consulting needs. We specialize in:

  • Custom, on-site, hands-on training in gentle, humane handling
  • On-site Short Courses in enrichment, animal care, husbandry & nutrition
  • THE PANEPINTO SLING® - How to use it for humane restraint, veterinary exams, anesthesia and other applications

Facility adaptation to optimize animal comfort and reduce stress for animals & staff

Our training programs are practical, hands-on and customized for your facility & staff, not a generic "one size fits all." We place the highest priority on humane, gentle handling techniques and we can make them work for you.

To order a large "crank up" model or for more information:

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